HT32SX Application Notes
HT32SX - HT Micron's Sigfox Monarch SiP


The iMCP is a Multicomponent Integrated Circuit (MCO) built for the Internet of Things, it provides a ready-to-use connectivity solution for the SigFox™ network. The system combines an ARM Cortex M0+ 32bit, a S2-LP high performance, ultra-low power RF transceiver and a RF Power Amplifier with all of the advantages, integration and convenience found in a SiP (System In Package), which is one of the most advanced semiconductor packaging technology. As a SigFox™ Monarch enabled device, it can operate in all regions covered by SigFox™ Network without need of reconfiguration. This is possible because the device can detect the region of operation and rearrange its setup automatically.

Hardware Setup

The required hardware to perform the steps described in this document consists of:
• HT Micron iMPC Evaluation Kit
• HT Micron iMPC Evaluation Board
• Micro-USB cable for power supply
• An antenna covering the RCZ frequency range to be used.

Software Setup

This section describes all necessary steps needed to use the SigFox™ with the iMCP – HT32SX.
Also, these programs are recommended:
STM32 ST-LINK Utility.
ARM Keil µVision for STM32 or STM32CubeIDE.
STM32CubeMX for personalisation of the program using a graphical interface.
• RS232 terminal (Termite is recommended).

Extra Documentation

Datasheets and application notes can be found at the HT32SX Repository.


For additional information about SigFox™ libraries designed by ST Microelectronics, please refer to the UM2173 document (note: the function names still the same, but the code was adapted to use in the iMCP design, so it is different from the one distributed by ST).

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